Hobbyist Artist – Painting the Ambiguous Eye

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‘Ambiguity’ – Acrylic On Canvas
Dr Vincent Tan


It has been almost three years since my last painting, having been busy with work and preparation for INSEAD. The enthusiasm for painting was reignited couple of weeks back, prompting me to head down to Arteastiq in Mandarin Gallery, Singapore.

With a background of Ophthalmology and Aesthetics, I have chosen to paint the eye, one of the most interesting organ in the human body. Our eyes communicate non verbally much more than we imagine, and convey messages far more vivid than words. I am sure some of you will concur.


An Evil and Angry Looking Eye, or Neutral Looking Eye?

Try covering the left quarter of the painting. you are more likely to see a neutral looking eye. Now, try again covering the right quarter of the painting, you are likely to see an evil looking eye, filled with hatred and anger.

This is rather similar to one of the general litmus test psychologist uses to determine whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist – ‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’. I bet that sounds familiar. Have a look again to see which expression of the eye strikes you more.


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The session last for about three hours, and it comes with a flavored tea to make you feel even more ‘artistic’.  A canvas measuring 50×50 will be provided, along with unlimited supply of acrylic paint. I personally find it indulging, and stress relieving, definitely a good way to spend a weekend afternoon. Hope you enjoy this article as much I enjoy painting it, till next time.










Dr Vincent Tan


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